Opportunities Position

Fundraising Leader for Diversity & Inclusion


  • Present the C4AI research center to companies, industries, institutes, foundations, and organizations in order to gain financial sponsorship for the development of human resources in Diversity & Inclusion for the labor market
  • Prospect donors/sponsors/philanthropists and generate interest in the scholarship research program for the development of artificial intelligence and machine learning of members of minority or under-represented groups such as black or indigenous people, women, people with disabilities, LGBTQIA+, and others.
  • Cultivate the culture of Diversity & Inclusion at the center.
  • Participate in the meetings of the Diversity & Inclusion Committee , reporting the development of her/his work and providing knowledge for the continuous improvement of the program.


  • Engagement with the cause of Diversity & Inclusion , “activist” mentality.
  • Complete undergraduate-level training.
  • Desirable graduate degree.
  • Experience in raising financial resources (minimum of 2 years).
  • Experience in designing and structuring projects for donors.
  • Marketing experience and knowledge of direct marketing.
  • Fluent English is desirable.

Additional Information:

We encourage the candidacy of people representing minority or under-represented groups such as those mentioned above.
Workload hours: to be agreed (estimated at 24 hours a week)
Type of contract and remuneration: to be agreed
Workplace: São Paulo capital


Complete and submit the form below by 01/30/2022.