Outreach Education, Diffusion and Inclusion

Disseminating correct and up-to-date information and training on AI, to all.

Coordinators: Fernando Osório and Claudio Pinhanez

The C4AI promotes educational activities such as courses and technical seminars/webinars, and also provides resources which support educational, training, and research activities related to the A.I. field.

The C4AI supports a range of scientific diffusion and knowledge dissemination activities, organizing and supporting scientific meetings and events, and promoting the AI knowledge dissemination among researchers and to the society in general. Activities also include working with press and media, scientific journalists, and with the general public through social media sites.

The C4AI also is active in the support of diversity and inclusion activities in AI for under-represented communities, with special activities for girls, young female researchers, black students and professors, and similar groups, towards more diversity and inclusion in the current and future AI professionals.

The center is currently starting the following activities:

  • Perspectives in AI International Seminar (October 22, 17pm BRT, with David Cox).
  • Research seminars corresponding to each of the Great Challenges.
  • A modern NLP course for advanced beginners.
  • Meetups with Women in AI.

Reading Meetings of the Group on Artificial Inteligente and Art (GAIA).