C4AI is managed by an Executive Committee under the supervision of a Steering Committee and a Strategy Committee

Executive Committee

Director: Fabio Cozman, USP
Deputy Director: Claudio Pinhanez, IBM
Outreach Coordinator: Fernando Osório, USP
Impact Coordinator: Glauco Arbix, USP

Steering Committee

Marcos Nogueira Martins, USP
Moacir de Miranda Junior, USP
Lisa Amini, IBM
Bruno Flach, IBM

Strategy Committee

Dario Gil, Director of IBM Research
Sylvio Canuto, Research Provost of USP

The C4AI is advised by three committees: an Industry and Society Committee, a Diversity and Inclusion Committee, and an International Advisory Board.

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee supports the C4AI in the education and promotion of under-represented groups in the academy and the professional market, including women, the black and indigenous communities, and people with disabilities.
Valdinei Freire da Silva, USP
Renata Wassermann, USP
Contact CID: c4ai-cid@usp.br

The Industry and Society Committee is a counseling body, aiming both at a better relationship between researchers in the center and public and private leading figures, and at the advancement of technology transfer from the center to the market and to society.

The International Advisory Board, consisting of a set of well-known international researchers, advises the operation of the Center, guiding it towards new opportunities for research, aiming at increasing its international competitiveness.
Contact CIS: c4ai-cis@usp.br