Impact Innovation, Partnerships and Spin-offs

Working with universities, companies, governments, startups, and other organizations to effectively use AI technology towards economic and societal impact.

Coordinators: Glauco Arbix and Claudio Pinhanez

The C4AI works actively with the research and industry ecosystem towards employing the technology it develops to promote economic and societal impact.

The C4AI is establishing partnerships to collaborate with other universities and research centers in Brazil and in the world, aiming to integrate and diversify the availability of AI technology and tools.

The C4AI aims to help collecting, structuring, and organizing open data and code sources related to AI in the context of the Brazilian scientific and technological community. Working with partners, the goal is to support the creation of repositories of training datasets, source code for tools, and knowledge bases essential to promote research (basic and applied) and economic development based on AI.

The C4AI strives to work with enterprises, the startup ecosystem, and governments to foster applications of AI in business and the empowering and creation of sustainable AI technology providers in Brazil. The center aims to become an active participant in the discussions related to AI public policies and strategy roadmaps for research and adoption of AI in Brazil.

We are currently working on the following activities:

  • Structuring partnerships with ITA, FEI, and PUC, which have been involved with the C4AI from its beginning.
  • Examining popular and fair licensing frameworks for data and code so as to choose appropriate ones in the context of our activities.
  • Putting together simple partnership models with companies and governments.
  • Reaching out to the startup ecosystem of the University of São Paulo as an initial step to define programs and initiatives.